interior art

Heerup malerier & puder low.jpg

IN AN UNPRECEDENTED INTRODUCTION OF NATURE INTO THE HOME, Thomas Bickham integrates world-renowned contemporary artist Malene Heerup’s multifaceted, vibrant color scheme and amorphous juxtapositions with his design philosophy of exterior and interior continuity within the medium of fur.

This novel use of Saga fur plunges one into a universe of explorative colors interminably merged from every angle. Such diversity allures one into a realm of imaginary wonder. To experience visual art within this interactive medium results in a viscerally tactile pleasure for all the senses.

The collaboration of Bickham and Heerup brings an interdisciplinary tenor to design rooted in visionary determination assured to please the most discriminating artistic palate. Design is the divine materialized.


raw wood & steel coffee table

fur inspiration

Playing with new ways of using fur in the interior.

fox fur teddy


For the kid who has everything.


… because the earth without art is just ´eh´